Adolescent Depression

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Depression in adolescence related to the school transitional period is a common occurrence according to the research findings of Goodwin, Mrug, Borch, & Cillessen, 2012). in fact according to research adolescents is the peek age for onset of depression during this time (1). There are many causes of depression among late to early adolescents. Over the years research has concluded that the most prevalent causes of adolescent depression is , genetics, absence of parental protection, low self-esteem, child abuse (of all types) , faulty interpersonal relationships, and educational transitions. For the purpose of this research we will identify educational transitions from junior high or middle school to high school ,and will later describe how research in solution focused therapies can help alleviate the symptoms of depressions in adolescences during these transitions. It is hypothesized that adolescents that are transitioning from primary and middle education to high school have a increased symptoms of depression. The following literary review will attempt to support and identify this hypothesis.

Adolescent Depression

Depression is common among the adolescent population with onset around the age of 13 to 18 years of age. During this time children are faced with the pressures of adjustment, expected academic performance, puberty, peer pressure and peer conflict. It is reported that as many as 25% of adolescents in the Untied States will experience a full blown depression episode by the age of 18 (Bradley, Mcgrath, Brannen , & Bagnell , 2010). In the past research suggest that it was difficult to determine and distinguish pubescent depression from the natural emotional and physical changes that occur during puberty(David et....

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