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Adolescence, in modern society is the transition from childhood to adulthood. Known as a time of rebellion, crisis, pathology and deviance, this period of life is influenced by the ethnicity, the culture, the gender, the Socio Economic Status, the age and the life style. Adolescence period usually ends with a physically, cognitively, and socio emotionally changed young adult. The physical development in adolescence In trying to discuss adolescence, most adult tend to confuse the terms adolescence and puberty, and use them synonymously. However, puberty refers to the physiological changes involved in the sexual maturation of a child. Puberty is triggered by hormonal changes, which may affect moods and behavior. During this process, both boys and girls undergo an adolescent growth spurt that typically begins about two years earlier in girls than in boy. The principals signs of sexual maturity that end the puberty are the spermache, for boy, occurring between the ages of 10 to 13.5, the menarche, for girls, occurring between the ages of 9 to 15, also accompanied with the development o...

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  • Explains egocentrism is the heightened self-consciousness of adolescents. its effects on behavior can be unpleasant, but promotes healthy cognitive and psychological outcomes.
  • Analyzes how significant changes characterize socio-emotional development in adolescence, such as the search for the sense of self, influenced by family expectations, peers, ethnicity and cultural background.
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