Admit It : You 've Lied

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Admit it: You 've lied. We all have at some stage or point in our life. Whether you 're asserting your feelings, getting it off your chest or just being plain and distinctly honest, the truth about honesty is that honesty isn 't always the best artery of choice. What 's more, striving on the avenue of complete disclosure can drive an unwanted wedge and result in permanent closure on a relationship. Today, the consequences of lying are often veiled from reality, the unvarnished truth is, we don 't need weapons to fatally hurt those closest to us as the act can be equally carried out with the sharp verbal cuts of a truthful tongue. Clearly, you 'd think that just telling the truth straight would leave you without always feeling gripped by the tortuous feeling of guilt and fear. Right? So why isn 't everyone just spilling out their cloaked lies instead of withholding the undoubtedly valuable truth? If all people ever did was tell the blatant truth there would never be another person elected for any position in politics, lawyers would be out on the street trying to find a way to pay their monthly bills and teachers wouldn 't truthfully disclose what they really think of that loud, disruptive student at the back. So even more, maybe it is acceptable to tell the ocasssional white lie once in a while as we all know how your mother 's new recipe really tasted. But sometimes it 's in your best interest to keep situations like that to your self. Number one rule: never tell your mother that her cooking was a bit off that night. Trust me. That 's from personal experience. And it 's also the guilt as well, that causes this sensation to withhold the truth, after watching your mother slave around the kitchen all night trying her best to mast... ... middle of paper ... ...uthful relationships and the craving to lie. Sometimes it may feel that lying is an easy route out to telling the truth, it makes us come across as less flawed people and allows us to verbally better ourselves. The contradiction between these two is that we can 't have both. Either way, it seems that the solution to deal with our dissatisfaction is to begin with considering the value of ethical reasoning and ends with a commitment to follow through with what we determine is the right thing to do as it is down to the person and what they think is the right actions to carry out. But, we can 't lie and expect to have a stable relationship with those closest to us, that 's just not how it works. The more we lie, the more unhealthy the relationship is going to be and the more intimate you want a relationship to be, the more truth you must reveal. It 's really that simple.
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