Administrative Performance Evaluation of Wharton School

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I reviewed the Administrative Performance Evaluation for the Principals of the Wharton School District. This evaluation benefits the Principal by:

• Interpreting job duties into specific goals and strategies

• Relating how the employee’s job responsibilities contributes to the overall effectiveness of the school and its mission statement.

• Delineating and prioritizing the job responsibilities, and the goals expected.

• Providing an opportunity to discuss issues with the Superintendent when assistance is needed

• Providing helpful and meaningful job performance feedback.

• Recognizing work achievements and strengths.

• Providing an opportunity for professional growth and self-improvement.

• Helping to determine a pay increase decision.

This evaluation benefits the District by:

• Communicating clearly the expected job performances, standards, and criteria used for the evaluation.

• Reinforcing the employee’s responsibility for their job performance and how it impacts the District and students.

• Provides an avenue to discuss improvements needed or reinforcing good work.

• Provides discussion of past accomplishments and allows discussion of future goals.

• Gaining insight into what is important and motivates the employee.

Performance Appraisal Checklist

The answers below are based on the review of the Wharton School District Principal Evaluation Form.

1. Does the organization use a behaviorally-based rating system developed through job analysis conducted by a professional consultant?

The Wharton School District Principal Evaluation form was not developed through a job analysis by a professional consultant. The Principal’s job description was broken down into categories by the Superintendent and used as a refe...

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...the merit portion of the salary schedule. The Rating System would be:

1. The average marking in each category is multiplied by the percentage weight given that


2. The weighted scores for each area are added. The sum will fall in a range from one to nine. The total score will be carried out to the third decimal place.

3. The sum of the weighted scores is applied directly to the merit portion of the Principals’ salary schedule.

Average Marking Percentage Weight Weighted


Administrative Skills .20

Instructional Leadership .40

Communication & Interpersonal Skills .20

Professional Growth & Self Improvement .20

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Wharton Board of Education Principal Evaluation Form.

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