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My personal faith walk has had its ups and downs. I accepted Christ into my life in the second grade after hearing the watermelon story. However, from the second grade to the beginning of ninth grade I felt that my relationship was growing distance from where I wanted it to be, so I rededicated my life to Christ. After that I joined a Leadership Training program at our local Christian Ministry center. That program helped me by encouraging me to memorize Scripture, reading the Bible every day, and the value of prayer. I keep my personal faith walk strong by reading the Bible every day and viewing my work as worship to Christ because of the passage in Matthew that reads “they will know that you are my disciples by the fruit you produce”. Every night I also end the day we me singing a few praise and worship songs where I feel that I have lived my day the way Christ has wanted me to live. 2. One example where I displayed a high level of dependability was over Christmas when I was to host a week long guest group at the Christian camp I was working at. I was responsible for finding enough...
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