Adlerian Theory

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Alfred Adler died on May 28, 1937, in Aberdeen Scotland leaving his mark on the psychology world. Through Alfred Adler’s theory, views on therapeutic/client relationship, and main interventions, Adlerian theory or Individual Psychology illustrates how innovative and beneficial this theory is. Also, this theoretical modality best fits my persona because through his theories I learned a lot about myself, my career, and the people around me. Alfred Adler was born in 1870, in Vienna. He was sickly and at the age of 4 almost died of pneumonia. Due to his sickness, his doctor lost hope and his mother coddled him. Also, Adler’s teacher told his father that he would only be a shoemaker. Though Adler’s early childhood was not enjoyable, he shaped his…show more content…
Tobin and McCurdy (2006) state “Individual Psychology emphasizes a collaboration and interaction between the therapist and client. Success depends on being genuinely interested in the other and realizing a common understanding.” This theory emphasizes counselors and clients’ relationship as a collaborative entity and believes that being authentic with clients fosters understanding. Also, Adlerian therapists look at clients as discouraged instead of sick and emphasize the need to encourage clients so that their outlooks are positive and coincide with their self-defined goals. Corey (2013) states, “The aim of therapy is to assist clients in modifying their lifestyles so that they can more effectively navigate each of the life tasks they face.” Counselors support clients in amending their lifestyles so that they are better equipped to handle…show more content…
According to Sonstegard (1998),
Adlerians recognize patterns, trait and characteristics, developing and fundamental selves, and definitive mental functions. Still, there is a person who is more than the sum of all these, unique being who interprets, chooses, creates, and moves in the real world, in real social context. This person sets personal goal, determines her or his own movement, expresses oneself differently in different situations, but consistently with one’s past experiences, present attitudes, and anticipations about the future. This socioteleological perspective implies self-determination.
In the counseling process, counselors recognize behaviors and attitudes of clients. Counselors also observe how clients function and how they view themselves. Adlerians try to view the world from their clients ' perspective, so they can learn more about the client and help them achieve their self-defined goals. Adlerian theory believes that though clients set personal goals which determine their different movements based on the different situation, what is consistent is the clients present attitudes and hope about the future. Although Alder did not believe that we are our past, he did believe that sometimes our past did affect us in certain ways. To assist clients in overcoming their situations, counselors incorporate
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