Adios Nonino By Astor Piazzoll Music Analysis

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Since I heard it for the first time, the tango has become one of my favorites musical genres to play. Its sound captivated me from the beginning and that is why my favorite piece of music it is “Adios Nonino” by Astor Piazzolla. Especially the recording of 1983 in Lugano. This piece was composed by the on the Fall of 1959. It is during a tour of Central America when Piazzolla received the news of the death of his father, who was nicknamed “Nonino”. Due to a bicycle accident in his hometown of Mar de Plata. This news combined with the tour’s failure, economic problems and the nostalgia produced by the fact of being away from his native country, lead the composer to depression. After returning to his family in New York, Piazzolla composed this work in tribute to his father. This piece is based on “Nonino”. A tango composed five years earlier in Paris, also dedicated to his father.…show more content…
Since the beginning of the piece (the piano solo), you start to perceive this feeling of sadness and grieve, which the composer is going through. After that, start to play the bandoneon and just right after the other instruments begin to play this intense tutti. Here you can feel this debate between the sadness of losing a loved person and the anger of knowing you could not say goodbye to him. Suddenly comes the violin solo that reflects the sense of remembering with affection that loved one and to miss him. And the anger goes away. In the final part, we have this intense tutti again. But this time it does not reflects anger. Conversely, it feels a kind of peace but without leaving aside the mourning. This end is the utmost emotional part of the piece. You can actually imagine the cry and the pain of the composer as it
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