Adidas Brand Management Analysis

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Changes in an organization is inevitable. Organizations around the world are subjected to involuntary adapting to their organization structure to address challenges and satisfy the needs of the communities that they are serving due to the number of challenges awakened within multifaceted business environment (Ogbonna and Harris, 2003). There are several change tools available which can be used by organizations. Change tools such as total quality management(TQM) might be difficult to implement but their high level of productivity, improved customer focus and satisfaction as well as increased loyalty of customers make this tool effective in the manufacturing industries. Business process re-engineering(BPR) is another tool which focuses on high efficiency of delivery services, consistency of the services' outcome
Therefore, they invariably upgrade and improve the features and qualities of their products. As their products are cheaper than its competitors, it makes it easy for them to break through the market. A strong brand can not only bring positive effect on the buyers' attitude, but it can also render emulous advantages as well as difference for goods and services. Brand recognition and reputation is Adidas strength as the company name is well known for it's product quality. Brand management plays a role in improving the relationship between the brand and customers. Management of sensible and insensible features are part of brand management. Sensible appearance of products refers to the product itself, quotation or packaging and consumer's experience is tangible property to the brand itself. Insensible features are the emotional bond between the product and customers.
Just like every other organization, Adidas implemented a change tool to make difference(s) in their organization. Adidas enforced TQM to improve productivity and increase growth of output. Employees of Adidas are permitted to slip

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