Adichie Experience The Dangers Of A Single Story Essay

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How does Adichie experience the dangers of a single story in her own life? Specifically, how does she experience herself as being on the receiving end of a single story, and how does she find herself perpetuating single stories as well? (Consider her single story of poverty about Fide, her U.S. roommate’s single story about Africa [“patronizing, well-meaning pity” filled with preconceived notions about “catastrophe” on the continent, and Adichie’s own single story about Mexico with the “abject immigrant.) A: Adichie experienced the two sides of a single story. When she was young, Adichie received from her mother the single story of Fide and his family. Adichie’s perception of Fide was that he and his family were poor and incapable of having a better life. Adichie…show more content…
When she met her roommate, Adichie encounter that the roommate had a single story of Africa, a story of catastrophe. She thought that Adichie didn’t know anything about western civilization, and felt pity for her. Adichie’s roommate couldn’t see her as an equal in all aspects. After studying in the U.S. Adichie embraced her new identity, she started identifying herself as African. Adichie explains that now she understands why other people who only have a single story of Africa think the way they do. She said that if she wouldn’t grow up in Nigeria, she would possibly have the same idea of Africa as her roommate had. Adichie wanted to write about images that she identified with. She started writing stories were the characters and the settings were close to her background. She wanted stories where the colored woman with kinky hair were the main characters. Adichie and her publisher plan to take more books about Africa to the Nigerian libraries, to offer reading and writing workshops, for the people that want to learn to read and write more stories about Africa, and transform the single story into the many stories of

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