Addictive Essay: Why Is Nicotine Addictive?

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Why is nicotine addictive?
When people use tobacco product the nicotine quickly enters into the human blood stream. Shortly ten minutes after entering into the body the nicotine than reaches the brain which release adrenaline. Nicotine chemically changes the brain in a similar way to heroin and cocaine, so it’s no wonder so many tobacco users have a hard time quitting!
A smoker usually feels a buzz of pleasure and energy which doesn’t last long and that’s when the smoker wants another cigarette.
A human body builds up a lot of nicotine therefore smokers feels like they need to smoke more and more in order for the to reach their desired pleasure from cigarette smoking. The continuing smoking and the desire to reach their pleasure is what make nicotine addictive. Breaking nicotine addiction is very hard
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Makers of cigarettes know that nicotine is addicted. The cigarettes that are made today are made with more and more nicotine and they are using additives and chemical to make them more and more addictive.
Why are smokeless tobacco products addictive?
Nicotine is a highly addictive drug and it acts in the brain that travels throughout the body. When it comes to dip and chewing tobacco there is more nicotine in these products. When chewing tobacco user dip an average size dip into their mouth for 30 minutes there are absorbing as much as smoking three cigarettes. Using two cans of snuff a week gives you as much nicotine as someone who smokes a half pack of cigarettes a day.
How Nicotine affects the body?
Nicotine affects every major system in the body. Nicotine can lead to weak immune function, fatigue and cancer. Nicotine prevents the body from disposing damage cells which give cancer cell the opportunity to develop.
Brain -nicotine affects the neurotransmitter activity, which causes the chemical chances and addition. Nicotine can also cause neurological symptoms caused by nicotine are light headedness, insomnia , dizziness and