Addiction for Perfection

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I used to believe that creating things that were absolutely perfect was the main goal in life and that was the only goal that had to be achieved, but what would my life be like if I made no mistakes? Would I be happier than I am now? Life seems so crazy and ironic that it’s hard to believe that in this world anyone could believe that perfection exists.
During my life so far my addiction to perfection was unable to be contained. I would have to be the best at everything I tried and did in order for me to reach perfection. Before I realized that the main goal in life wasn’t to be perfect, I would always expect myself to be the best at everything I did. I never liked having to do my best because I became too desperate to reach perfection. I was willing to have my friends tell me the answers to graded homework assignments and doing the minimum to make the passing grade. One day I realized something while working on difficult History homework. If I am doing all of these things that I shouldn’t be doing to reach flawlessness, then I wasn't fulfilling my definition of perfection. I wasn’t ...
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