Addiction To Domination By Fredrick Douglass

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Addiction to Domination For over two hundred years, slavery engulfed America as one the largest economic opportunities. As soon as millions of Africans forcibly left their homeland for the new founded states, they immediately began their new lives controlled by their relentless owners. Not only did slavery corrupt the slaves, but also the slave owners. The idea of absolute power over others led to the longing of total dominance at all times. Fredrick Douglass’s narrative clearly depicts the perception of mental corruption as a tyrannical slave owner. As slave owners experienced a constant craving for power, they utilized a variety of evil schemes and actions to fulfill their desires. Douglass’s first encounter with a slave owner’s violence occurred on Captain Anthony’s farm. He frequently found himself woken by the agonizing screams of his own aunt being brutally whipped for her wrongdoings. He describes Captain Anthony as ruthless, brutal and taking “great pleasure in whipping a slave” (Douglass 3). Captain Anthony reveled in the idea of complete dominance over his slaves. He lived under an overseer, named Mr. Plummer. The slaves living on the farms were not fully under his control, so he took advantage of every opportunity to feel powerful and domineering. In addition, Douglass also describes an encounter involving Aunt Hester seeing another man. Captain Anthony did not approve of this and exclaims “I’ll learn you how to disobey my orders!” (Douglass 4), then proceeded to whip her. Douglass hints towards the sexual tension between Anthony and Hester. Not only did he own her for work, but also to satisfy his sexual desires. Additionally, the slave owners’ constant craving for a thriving business led to a constant craving fo... ... middle of paper ... ...hrough his master's joy from Caroline's childbearing. Subsequently, her birth to twins added to his work hand, increasing his wealth. From Douglass’s narrative, we can conclude that slavery brings out the worst in slave owners. Although one human should not treat another in such tortuous ways, slave owners’ actions towards their slaves deemed socially acceptable among their community. Keeping other human beings as property presumed natural. Slave owners retained wealth from this economic opportunity, resulting in the most valuable possession of all—power. Eventually, the authority they possessed over other human beings led to their abuse of power. Their addiction to dominate diminished all traces of their morality, and unfortunately, transformed them into tyrants. Moreover, the curse of slavery created immoral beings out of even the most virtuous men and women.

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