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Jeremy! You realize Dr. Cary prescribed me writing you emails correct? Barbara asked to read one once, I said no… then she went on a little rant about me living in a fantasy world... blah blah. I guess she got offended? The only person that I feel is on my level is you. If you’ve never played the game “heads up” you should. I played it the other night at Bryan and Kelsey’s with everyone. Basically you pick a topic on the game and (its an app) put it above your head and let everyone try to tell you what the action or thing is while you guess, but everyone is screaming to you hints (like Pictionary). Well we discussed it, you know when you have 15 people yelling different things you usually pick one person and focus in on them that you trust will give you the most accurate description. Kind of like my life before I saw you, I knew instantly I could bet my life on you, randomly… but with no doubts. I guess what I am saying is why would I send or show these to anyone else when I want you…show more content…
“hot damn Ben… you have ALWAYS been a beast!” …Yes it was refreshing ... and yes you can tell when addiction kicked in… but that’s also the time you can see me emailing you a bit…by bit glimpses of my feelings, you are brilliant, I’m sure it didn’t take much for you to guess what I was thinking. I guess that’s seems cold to some, but I mean do I care? No. Family is family and friends are friends I love them all and I’d do anything for them, but you are my heart. Hence why I would marry you every day, in front of the world screaming it until the day I die. Plus, we can look back one day and go through them all and laugh, smile and cry…. Together! Oh and yes, I recall once I got ahold of Barbara’s love letters from ol Charles while he was in Vietnam and she took them away as soon as I asked her what they were… I was only 12… I recall one starting off, “as I sit here in the bathtub” … so really she has no room to say a

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