Adaptive Vs Abnormal Behavior Essay

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Psychology is the deliberation of the mind and behavior and it pursues to assimilate people by comprehending mental function and social behavior. It reconnoiters the neurobiological and physiological developments that can initiative cognitive functions and behaviors. However, which motivates to apprehend mental procedures that thrusts psychologists to learn about the normal and abnormal behavior. And how we people adapt to these behaviors. Which bring us to question how we differentiate between adaptive and abnormal behavior? Both behaviors are completely different from each other because every society and culture has different understanding and perspective of adaptive and abnormal behaviors. What we believe as being adaptive and…show more content…
Abnormal behavior is behavior that is dissimilar from what we call normal or a behavior that is not united by the preponderance of the population. Mental illness such as bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia are form of abnormal behavior. Abnormal behavior is of doing things differently from others in which other might think of as “weird”. For example, if someone tries to act in certain way like being funny some people would think of it as being abnormal. It’s the societies that have drawn a line between what is normal and what is abnormal? Even though some behaviors aren’t abnormal but people would still consider it on abnormal behavior. According the people some behaviors they perform might not see as abnormal but for some people the same behavior might seen as abnormal behavior. There was a student in one of my class whenever he would come to class he would properly clean his desk before he sit on it. For some people this kind of behavior would be normal and for some people it might be abnormal behavior. However, due to that sometimes it gets hard to describe what is abnormal behavior? The same way people think about abnormal behavior due to the way some people are behaving however, if we put our attention toward culture. There are different cultures presenting all around the world. Some people would find other people culture odd or the way it being performed are not accepted by different
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