Adapting the Curriculum & Effective Teaching Strategies

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The topic for this reflection journal focuses on adapting the curriculum and effective teaching strategies. Part A of the journal will investigate and explain Differentiated Instruction, The Universal Design for Learning as well as the Response to Instruction Model. These three approaches will aid teachers in developing a learning environment designed to maximise teaching and learning and make the curriculum accessible to all learners. Part B specifically relates to the advantages and difficulties I may encounter, as a new teacher, during the implementation stages of these models. Part A Discuss in detail ways that teachers can set up the learning environment in order to maximise teaching and learning. There are a variety of approaches teachers may use to help guide and inform their planning to ensure diversity is catered for in all aspects of the classroom environment. Three of the most inclusive approaches to teaching and learning have been examined in further detail below. Although these approaches vary slightly in some aspects, they all maintain the same uniform goal. That is to ensure all learners regardless of diversity, have access to a meaningful, relevant curriculum that allows them to showcase their individual skills and experience success at multiple points along the learning continuum. Differentiated Instruction A constant struggle for inclusive education teachers is providing a unique, meaningful curriculum that’s focuses on each individual student’s strengths and learning profiles. At the same time teacher’s are under pressure to meet rigorous assessment and reporting frameworks. Differentiated Instruction emphasises the need for students to participate in an education that addresses rigorous conte... ... middle of paper ... ... and experienced by each of the students. In doing so, new knowledge and understandings will be reinforced for each of the students. Works Cited Ashman, A., & Elkins, J. (2009). Education for Inclusion and Diversity – 3. Pearson Education Australia: Australia. Chapman, C., & King, R. (2005). 11 Practical Ways to Guide Teachers Toward Differentiation (and an Evaluation Tool). Journal of Staff Development, 26 (4), 20- 25. Lewis, S.G., & Batts, K. (2005). How to Implement Differentiated Instruction?. Journal of Staff Development, 26 (4), 26-31. McTighe, J., & Brown, J.L. (2005). Differentiated Instruction and Educational Standards: Is Détente Possible?. Theory into Practice, 44 (3), 234-244. Pisha, B., & Coyne, P. (2001). Smart from Start, the Promise of Universal Design for Learning. Remedial and Special Education, 22 (4), 197-203.

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