Acts of Betrayal in Hosseini's The Kite Runner

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The Kite Runner Nobody can believe that the innocent activity of kite flying could ever lead to betrayal and eventually redemption yet, in the novel The Kite Runner, Hosseini manages to mend one man’s path through betrayal and ultimately to his redemption. Throughout this novel you will see many acts of betrayal between enemies, loved ones and strangers. When you do something wrong and you know you shouldn't have done it you feel guilty, right ? Well so does Amir, at least his own kind of guilt. Amir watched Hassan get raped and did nothing to stop it. The summer following Hassans painful misfortune, Amir and Hassan spend less and less time together they don’t play outside as much they had before, so when Amir asked Hassan, “What would you do if I hit you with this? ” [ pomegranate] (92) we can all infer that Amir wants Hassan to hit him back so he feels like he has been paid for not helping Hassan that previous winter, but turns out Hassan just let him throw countless pomegranates at him, eventually Hassan stands up, picks up a pomegranate, walks towards Amir and crushes it against his own forehead. “There” he croaked, “ Are you satisfied? “ “ Do you feel better? “ (92) Afterwards, Amir felt ashamed and broke into tears; At that moment he had one choice to make, get Ali and Hassan to move out. At whatever means necessary. Baba betrays Ali, Amir and Hassan by his unfaithful decision to have an affair and steel Hassans right to know the truth about his parentage, Baba does not pursue seeking a strong connection with Hassan because of his regretful actions. In truth, Baba is truly disappointed in both of his sons. In Amir, he is reminded of his deceased princess. In Hassan, he is reminded of the Hazara, Sanaubar, he ... ... middle of paper ... ...take maturely instead of leaving for someone else to clean up her mess. I also did not think that she should have come back into Hassan’s life after all those years; Hassan was having a family of his own and she just walks in his life asking for forgiveness and wanting to be a part of his life when she had that chance, but she made the choice to leave. The only one who redeemed himself was Amir. Amir found Hassan’s son; Sohrab and helped him get the pay back that Assef needed after what he did to Hassan that winter many years ago. All though Hassan and his wife are dead and do not get to be in their son’s life, and see what life Sohrab has at least he eventually made right instead of leaving “what if’s “and doubts of uncertainty in people’s minds. Deep down I do believe Amir wanted to do something that winter but was really just too afraid to stand up for a Hazara.
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