Activity of the Enzyme Catalase with Hydrogen Peroxide

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Activity of the Enzyme Catalase with Hydrogen Peroxide Background Information: An enzyme (Catalase) is a biological catalyst. It can modify the rate of reaction without being changed itself. Enzymes are also globular proteins that have a three-dimensional specific shape; among with a pocket known as the active site, this has a precise shape to link with the exact substrate. Every enzyme are capable of converting one kind of substrate molecule into one kind of product molecule, which forms the enzyme-substrate complex. There are the minority factors that affect the rate of reaction that include: 1. Temperature: If the temperature was to increase so would the rate of reaction up to a decisive point, as the enzyme will start to denature; this usually occurs at temperatures around 50 to 60 Celsius. The rate of reaction increases because enzymes and substrate have more energy permitting them to move around more rapidly, resulting with more collisions and ensuring the enzyme-substrate complex. When the enzymes denature, the weak bonds that hold the tertiary structure of the enzyme together vibrate at an excessive rate, due to the kinetic energy, that they break as well as altering the shape of the active site to a degree that the substrate can no longer link to it. 2. PH: The formation of the enzyme-substrate complex relies on an exact complementary shape and charge. If there is a change in pH, it will corrupt the charges so that no enzyme-substrate complex can be formed. All enzymes have an optimum pH depending on where they are based, intracellular or extracellular. 3. Substrate concentration: The higher the concentration that faster the rate of reaction, which is until they are working as fast as they possible can. This increase in rate of reaction occurs because the more substrate there is the more chance there is of collisions resulting in the formation of enzyme-substrate complex. If the reaction is working fast as possible, the limiting factor is no longer the substrate but the enzyme concentration.

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