Active Participation Strategy Analysis

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Active Participation Strategy #1: Questioning during initial instruction During the PowerPoint presentation the teacher will engage the whole class by asking questions. Questions are a way of engaging the students and reinforce their participation. When students are required to respond frequently in a lesson they are more attentive. As the participation is increased the accountability is as well (Frey, 2013). Questions of interpretation force the students to examine the meaning of the information. Regular and active participation in the classroom is critical to the success of English Language Learners in mathematics. Research shows that ELLs can produce explanations and participate in classroom discussions as they are learning English (Kersaint, Thompson, & Petkova, 2014). The presence of ELLs may alter the dynamics of the classroom but it should not result in a lowered curriculum.…show more content…
The class as a whole will play an interactive area software game on on the Smartboard. Students are motivated and enjoy this type of activity. It allows them to see mathematics in real world situations. The Smartboard allows the students to have an interactive hands on experience (Purdue University, 2007). Students that are actively involved in the instructional process tend to remember information (Moore, 2014). The use of Smartboard technology assists in a variety of learning instruction for diverse learners. Students with ADHD need physical movement in the classroom. This provides them with the physical movement, kinesthetic learning and a visual reinforcement of the content. Integrating computer games through the use of technology offers a better chance for ADHD learners to succeed (Zemliansky, 2010). While this type of activity provides students with ADHD to have some physical movement, it also keeps the lesson
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