Active Observation Essay

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History has shown the two common ways of learning that humans have been using for centuries: passive observation and active experimentation. Passive observation is a way of taking things in by investigating and examining the subject without explicit interaction. On the other hand, active experimentation is direct interaction with the subject to acquire something about it. Those two ways can now be seen in schools or at work. In schools, some students learn new concepts by sitting through lectures and contemplating about the lessons or/and actively conducting experiments such as scientific labs. At work, professionals like doctors diagnose and operate on humans to gain insights about their patients’ health while other observation-oriented professions…show more content…
Faith is trust or belief in a deity without conscious reasoning. Faith is instinctive, untaught, and intrinsic that some people view it as a way to see the truth regardless its lack of proof. In fact, people base on faith to determine whether they know or not know certain matters. According to “On Evolution, Biology Teachers Stray Away from Lesson Plan” by New York Times, 15-20 % of teachers teach creationism while 60% refuse to endorse neither evolution nor its unscientific alternatives (Bakalar). The problem of teachers teaching creationism doesn’t lie in ignorance but their conscious decisions to reject the scientific explanation. All biology teachers have learned about evolution in college before they could teach and understand that teaching creationism in public schools is unconstitutional yet some still choose to advocate for creationism. In this circumstance, people who support evolution see the matter through both experiments with specific DNA data and physiological evidence and analytical observation of the history of human development. On the other hand, creationism lacks scientific proofs and analytical evidence. Still, it has meaningful connection to personal belief, psychological mind, and intuitive…show more content…
Despite the two common ways of knowing, observation and active experiment, some people choose faith to understand creationism. Through the lens of intuition, faith is validated because it is very natural, self-derived, and quick way of grabbing intangible knowledge. Though faith is very personal to each individual and is self-derived, it can be influenced by the environment in which the person is growing up with. In this controversy between creationism and evolution, the American cultural tie with religion may have some impact on the way these teachers think about the origin of life. Since the founding of America, religion has been deeply rooted into the American life and the ways of people’s thinking that it still has great effect on today’s society. And not surprisingly, nearly 50% of Americans believe in
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