Active Listening Case Study

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A) As a manager in your company, you were faced with a situation where one of your team members came to your office complaining from another colleague and asked you to solve the dispute between them. Use active listening technique to solve the problem and state the benefits from using “Active listening”. (20 marks)

Active listening can be considered as the other half of successful communication. However, Humans generally listen at a 25% comprehension rate, meaning that they are probably missing more of what people are saying than they realize. In fact, listening and attempting to understand what other people saying can reduce errors and prevent wasting time. As a manager in a company, active listening is an important factor to create a positive
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Now, the detailed analysis of the conflict should be conveyed back to the employees together. The analysis should be logical and clear to the employees. Logical interpretation burns the emotional attachment of people with their position and they start embracing the point put forward by another person. Also, both the parties should understand each other’s positions and they both should decide the future course of action. With facts and assumptions, both of them should take a considerable decision. A timescale should be provided to implement the discussed solution. It should be ensured that employees are committed to the proposed solution and it should be checked time to time. The success of the resolution should be celebrated to improve the relationship in the team.

Active listening helped in conflict resolution because it helped me in grasping the points raised by both the parties. It encourages people to be open and frank and speak out whatever they want. It acknowledges that one understands the feelings of another person. It ensures that the most of the discussion is absorbed in the mind. Hence, active listening is a way to be engaged in the discussion and to make most out of any
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