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An intrinsically motivated, self-directed, active learner takes initiative, is self-motivated, is comfortable with independence, has a high degree of curiosity, has a strong desire to learn or change, is self-confident, is able to use basic study skills, is able to organize their time wisely, sets an appropriate pace for learning, develops a plan for completing work, has a tendency to be goal-oriented, is capable of self-discipline, is persistent, accepts responsibility, views problems as challenges, not obstacles and enjoys learning. (Cobb, 2013) These are all essential parts of being an intrinsically motivated, self-directed and active learner. Learning is a lifelong journey because there is so much history, so much to learn about everything…show more content…
I love researching when I am curious about anything from what to cook for dinner and how to cook it to why the sky is blue. Having a very curious nature enables me to enjoy learning. Another strength is the ability to teach and the feeling that accompanies being able to pass on knowledge or learning from the student I am teaching. This is also social rewarding to me as I am able to spend time with others and get to know them. Another strength is being able to finish assignments on time and enjoying the topic being…show more content…
Firstly, I plan to simplify everything. This strategy will help me to understand topics in their simple form and will also help me in my next strategy. Secondly, go deeper, in order to understand better I plan to research and obtain a deeper understanding of the topic. Third, recognize my priorities, it is important to figure out what is most important and from there I will be able to organize my time better. Fourth, having self-confidence, it is important not to second guess myself and what I have learnt as this self-doubt will not support my personal growth. Lastly, I plan to have a beginner’s mind, this will help my personal growth because this is a reminder that I am not too old or too experienced or too smart to learn more. I plan to implement this plan in all aspects of my life because I am learning everywhere I go from everyone I meet. (Davenport,

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