Active And Active Euthanasia

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Euthanasia does not undermine the autonomy and dignity of human beings. Since, suffering an incurable illness is living like a vegetable. By becoming stapled to your bed or being immobilized in any way. Seeing that living with a fatal illness makes a person 's life miserable, it can create loss of freedom with euthanasia being the only way out. Known types of this assistive suicide are collectively called active and passive euthanasia. Active euthanasia is explicitly taking measures to end somebody 's life, whilst restraining treatment to end a someone 's life is known as passive euthanasia. For example, active euthanasia is when a lethal drug is given to end someone 's life, and passive euthanasia would be when all types of treatments are…show more content…
Autonomy circles around the notion of being relieved from external control over yourself, which collectively leads to some sense of freedom. When an individual is terminally ill, they have no capacity for self governance or self-control over themselves. And continuing to be in this condition leads to psychological pain and loss of freedom, which definitely results in undermining an individual 's autonomy. On the other hand, euthanasia does the exact opposite. It provides a sense of freedom by relieving an individual from their pain without undermining their autonomy. It liberates an individual from their suffering by painlessly letting them go. But, somebody might object that euthanasia does undermine both the dignity and autonomy of an individual as it is the same as murder. Since just like murder, euthanasia also explicitly takes someone 's life. And any form of ending a person 's life is morally and ethically wrong. Even though I believe in the practice of euthanasia and that it does not undermine the autonomy and dignity of a person, however, I do not believe that it is the same as murder. According to me, murder is intentionally causing harm upon someone, whereas, euthanasia is relieving someone from their immense pain and suffering. Thus, I certainly do not promote murder, however, I do believe that both euthanasia and murder are poles

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