Action Research Reflection Paper

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Action research is a key element of teaching. Educators are continuously asking themselves how to improve their teaching and how certain factors influence student achievement. Action research allows teachers to take their everyday data collection and turn it into a tool to better their classrooms. When educators set out to answer questions influencing their student’s achievements, they can better understand their learning. Action research is not just for the instructor. Students benefit also. When a teacher conducts action research, it is typically for the goal of bettering students learning. Sagor (2000) states in his ASCD article “the fact that action research helps educators be more effective at what they care most about—their teaching…show more content…
The benefits of action research far out weight the snags. My current views on action research have not changed. I still believe it is a key piece to creating a better instructional environment. However, I have gained insight on how peers should be invited into the process. Throughout this process the collaboration with peers has been crucial. My colleagues have provided me with resources, tips, and feedback. Consequently, I have developed an understanding that action research is meant to be collaborative. I feel it would work best when done within a department, or cross-curricular. Therefore, as I continue to determine the implication of higher order questioning, I am enlisting my colleagues in the process. Moreover, students need to be active participants. By enlisting their ideas on questioning techniques, I hope to gain insight and further my instructional practices. ” Action research transformed my relationship with students because I could no longer conceive of researching without seeking their insights, reflections, and questions about teaching and learning” (Pine 2009, p 33). Action research is more than one teacher determining the effects of their teaching. Action research is teachers and students working collaboratively to use data to create stronger learning
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