Action Against Hunger In Feeding America

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Imagine living but not eating, needing, but not having. In the United States there are currently forty-six point seven million people in poverty; forty-eight point one million people with food insecure that is including thirty-two point eight million adults and fifteen point three million children. It is painful to know that there are people that do not make it through the night because of not having any food. Those people have to wake up to no food and go to sleep with no food. The definition of ‘hunger’ is the feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by lack of food, coupled with the desire to eat. Action against Hunger says “At least one million malnourished children die every year because they lack access to the necessary treatment. Seventeen…show more content…
in fact, higher unemployment, lower household assets, and certain demographic characteristics also lead to a lack of nutritious food.” what Feeding America is saying is that in the United States the reason for the lack of food is from a number of issues like the loss of a job, the prices on food, these things can significantly affect the poor and hungry. When prices rise, consumers often shift to cheaper, less-nutritious foods, make the risks of micronutrient deficiencies (the lack of essential vitamins and minerals required in small amounts by the body for proper growth and development) and other forms of malnutrition, which can have long-term unfavorable effects on people’s health, development and productivity.
World hunger is one among many problems faced in this world today. About twenty-four thousand children under five die every day. Even though there is a lot of food in the world, some people in the world cannot reach these foods because they are poor. About one tenth of the world population is suffering from chronic hunger every year. Because of the hunger problem, majority of the people suffer from blindness, anemia, malnutrition related problems and other diseases because they are not getting enough
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They have to pray to god to feel full. People around the world ignore the fact that there are people in need, that there are people suffering from malnutrition. If those people who are watching others suffering can help join or perform a food drive that can really make a difference. A YouTube star name Coby Persin posted up on the streets of New York City, with ripped clothing and a cardboard sign. He first beg for money holding a sign that said "homeless, need money for weed, drugs and alcohol." People that passed by gave him money, wanting Persin to "stay high." One man even said: "Make sure you get a big bottle." He then brought in a child actor to play his daughter. The people around seemed to walk past him and her like they didn't exist. Coby Persin wanted to show his viewers how people now a days rather hand out money to the homeless when need to use it for drug and alcohol but when it comes to handed out money to homeless people who need it to feed their love ones there care less. What people should do other than wasting their money on drug in alcohol they should be helping others who in need, perform in a food drive donate to causes that deals with homeless people.
The definition of food drive or food

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