Act Of Kindness Essay

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In our world today, everyone including myself, has become blinded by their cellphones and their jobs. As each day passes, most people forget about how they act towards other people. Those who are mainly distracted are teenagers like myself. Some are distracted mostly by school or grades. It is amazing to see how active some students are at trying to help the community. However, many might not realize that an act of kindness towards someone can make a difference in one's life. Even the little things in life can brighten someone's day. Making someone else feel better, also makes you feel like you accomplished something. In my perspective, most people act kindly to others expecting something in return. For instance, a student helping out their professor in order to attain extra credit. However, I have seen others do kind things without expecting something in return, this would be an of true kindness. I, myself has…show more content…
This activity allowed me to be with my friends and with my teacher and have fun. It was also a chance for us to know our teacher better. We found out interesting facts about him and how he was there for us if we needed anything. He told us how to survive Edward R. Murrow since he also went to this high school. It was fun because he advised us to go to him if we ever needed help on anything. I felt happy since the lab room was cleaner and my teacher wouldn't be stressed out on grading our homework. After this activity I came home late and was very tired. My teacher was very happy and even took before and after photos to compare. I would have done this even without this project assignment because I like helping out my teachers in my free time. This activity made me realize how much hard work he does everyday for his students. If helping him grade things will decrease the amount of stress he has, I’m willing to help him

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