Across the Border

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America, the world’s model for happiness and excess, is one of the most coveted places to live for the average foreigner. Because of this, America is also beginning to receive more and more immigrants on a daily basis. The land of so called “milk and honey” is starting to dry up and become a thing of the past due to the rapid influx of legal immigrants that are taking a toll on the economy and overall culture of the United States. To properly regain and maintain its former economic and social equilibrium, the United States needs to decrease the level of legal immigration into the country.

Supporter of legal immigration argue that legal immigration allows a person with a valuable gift to come to our country and use their talents in limitless ways that will ultimately benefit the country as a whole. They say that American allows a “nobody” from another country to become “somebody” while within our borders. This logic, while well meaning, is optimistic at best. The average immigrant is a far cry from the “good” immigrants (such as rocket scientist or pro basketball player that can help our favorite team win the championship); they are usually average Joes with average skills sets and they do nothing to stimulate our country. Even worse, the more “good” immigrants we let through, the higher the opportunity is for terrorists and drug smugglers to enter our country undeterred. As stated by the Center for Immigration Studies, “Knowledgeable Americans have come to understand that our welcoming immigration policies are easily exploited by terrorists..with nearly one million new immigrants arriving each year, the potential for terrorists entering the United States undetected is high (“Terrorism & National Security”)." This is particularly...

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