Acoustic Guitar: My Music, Over The Electric Guitar

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Throughout my life, I have had the opportunity to become pretty familiar with many instruments as a musician. I have been blessed to play with many different bands, as well as worship teams since junior high. I have come to be incredibly confident in my abilities with most instruments I have used. In my years of experience, I have come to realize that the acoustic guitar, over the electric guitar, is my favorite. I have played many instruments but I always seem to go back to the guitar. Mostly, I have always been led back to the acoustic. I feel the acoustic has such a wider range in sound, and can not only have an upbeat sound but can be played soft as well. Whether I am leading worship or singing my kids to bed, the acoustic is always the guitar I reach for.
An acoustic guitar is a guitar that makes its sound acoustically rather than using electronic amplifier. Because of the way it is constructed the sound waves from the strings resound through the wooden body, creating an incredible sound using the acoustic guitar you can produce an organic sound that can feel and be heard as more natural. Yes, it can be used as an upbeat jam. Either way you use an acoustic guitar, it can be incredibly flexible, with or without the aid of an amplifier. Acoustic can really be used for any
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There is just something about being around a camp fire with a beautiful crafted acoustic Guitar to sing your favorite camp songs with. I’ve owned both and I’m pretty familiar with them. I’ve played in rock bands and punk bands when I was a kid and throughout my adult life. It is my love for music that led me down the path to play different instruments from drums, trumpet, congas, bass, electric and acoustic guitars. From the beginning, in eighth grade, when I picked of my first instrument; the Trumpet. I knew I was meant to play music. As I grew and matured, so did my taste in music and musical
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