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Injury Interview The athlete plays softball, and she plays short stop. She is eighteen years old. She has had no previous injuries. The injury that she sustained was an ACL tear, and she tore both the medial and lateral meniscus. She was injured while playing in a softball tournament. She was running to first base after bunting the ball, and the second baseman that was coving first base was trying to find the base. The second baseman was actually all the way over the safety base, and when the athlete went to touch the base, she hit the second baseman’s leg in full stride. She felt a pop in her knee, and she immediately was on the ground. She said that she didn’t have much pain; she just had a lot of instability in her knee. The athletic…show more content…
The athlete that was interviewed tore her ACL as a result of contact which is less common than noncontact tears. It is also common for the medial meniscus to be torn as well as the ACL, which she did have happen. Some symptoms of an ACL tear include hearing or feeling a pop, knee pain and swelling, instability, and difficulty walking. She had all of these symptoms except she didn’t have much pain until after she had surgery. Typically, surgery and rehabilitation are the most common treatment of ACL injuries, and that is what she had for her treatment. Some possible complications of ACL reconstruction surgery include numbness of surgical scar area, infection, and damage to structures, nerves, or blood vessels around the knee. Complications involving the graft include loosening or stretching of the graft, reinjury, and scar tissue. Also, range of motion might be limited at the extremes, but it is uncommon. She did not have any complications with her surgery. The same symptoms as ACL tears can be found with knee dislocations, meniscus injuries, and collateral ligament

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