Acism In Fobs Vs. Twinkies?

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The United States has faced several extreme battles, however, the largest battle has always been racism. It has continually affected the U.S. ever since the beginning of time and, unfortunately, will never go away. In the first article, ““FOBs” vs. “Twinkies”: The New Discrimination Is Interracial” author, Grace Hsiang, an Asian American, expresses that ethnic groups aren 't just racist against each other, but they are racist and discriminate within their own ethnic groups. In the second article, “The “F Word”, author, Firoozeh Dumas, an Iranian American, tells us about the challenges she and her family faced while settling into the United States. Firoozeh prepares herself to face extreme challenges, however, she is surprised by what seems…show more content…
The articles share similarities in labeling, assimilation, and racism. However, there are several differences in the articles as well including, interracial racism, culture, and perspective. Although the articles are two completely different stories, they are still based on the exact same concept, which is racism. When comparing both of the articles, it is self-evident that racism has a huge impact on both the authors lives, which leads them to want to be accepted by society. While reading the essay, “FOBs vs. Twinkies”, Hsiang states, “Many of us very much want to belong to our parents’ community, but we cannot completely embody one culture when we are living in another.” This quote directly applies to both articles because it relates to them trying to assimilate into normal American culture, while still wanting to embrace their own heritage. Another great example would be from the article “The “F word””. Dumas states, “When I announced to my family that I wanted to add an American name, they reacted with their unusual laughter. Never one to let mockery or good judgement stand in my way, i proceeded to ask for…show more content…
In this essay, the type of racism is completely different. Some would say it is the more “normal” type of racism. This type of racism is discrimination between opposite ethnic groups. In this essay, an Iranian family is settling in to the United States and is expecting many immense challenges, however, to their surprise, their hardest challenge is their names. According to American kids, their names are too difficult to spell. For example, “Her brother Arash (“Giver”) initially couldn 't understand why every time he 'd say his name, people would laugh and ask him if it itched.” (Dumas, 351). This example shows that instead of American kids attempting to learn Arash’s name, they automatically make fun of it. The next difference would be perspective. In “FOBs vs. Twinkies”, Hsiang shows perspective as whole Asian group/community, whereas in “The “F Word””, Dumas shows perspective only from herself and sometimes her family. In Dumas’ article, she focuses on her real life struggles as one. For example she states, “As I waited patiently, the receptionist called out, “Fritzy, Fritzy!” Everyone looked around, but no one stood up… I did not, however, respond to “Fritzy” because there is, as far as I know, no t in my name.” (Dumas, 354). This example is straight from Dumas’ perspective. She is in a doctor 's office waiting for a receptionist to call her back. This is her final breaking point when the

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