Acids, Bases, Salts

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Introduction The world we live in is full of chemicals and elements, we just do not simply notice them. In Everyday life there are acids, bases, and salts. Some may not know how to see them or even what they are. You might put baking soda into vinegar to see what happens afterward. We put salts on our food to make it taste better. There is salt in every ocean on earth. There are so many acids, bases, and salts around us and we just do not see them. We eat a neutralizer when we get heartburn from the acid in our stomachs. Science is all around us. The Oberverable Properties of Acids An acid is a substance that corrode things and gives things a sour taste to them when comcumed. The word acid comes for the Latin word acidus, which means sour. An acid that can conduct electricity is called an electrolyte. When an acid conducts electricity the electrons are passed through each atom and so on. To test whether a substance is an acid or not, use a litmus paper. The litmus paper can identify acids. During production the litmus paper, that contains wood cellulose, with a chemical that is extracted from some other lichens. If the substance is an acid it will turn the blue litmus paper to red. Also, an acid can be identified by its chemical properties. Acids react with metals to produce salt and hydrogen. Observable Properties of Bases Similar to acids, bases can be identified by their physical and chemical properties. If acids taste sour then bases taste bitter. When a base is touched, it feels soapy and slippery. The reaction of the fatty acids and the base are what causes the base to feel slippery. To identify a base is almost the same way to identify an acid with a litmus paper. The red litmus paper blue, on t... ... middle of paper ... ... Buffers regulate the slightest change in pH levels. We use buffers to sooth heartburn after we eat something. Conclusion Some of the most complicated things in life are the simplest. You have to understand what the thing is first. Acids, bases, and salts are simple but, they seem so difficult to understand. Acids and bases just are the gaining and losing of a proton. There are three different models to help us understand what acids and bases are, without these three models, we might not be able to understand what they are. God makes things to learn about them and understand them so, we can draw closer to Him. God created the universe so that He could be glorified. God wants us to learn about His creation and worship Him, not the creation. People think that the universe happened by accident but, how could any of this happen by chance, it couldn’t.

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