Acid Rain Essay

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Did you know that around fifty thousand lakes in the United States and Canada have a pH which is considered to be more acidic than normal? Hundreds of these lakes cannot even support aquatic life. Most people do not understand the danger that acid rain poses to our environment. It is time for everyone to open their eyes and not only see the terrible effects of acid rain, but to take steps to eliminate acid rain. Acid rain is a detrimental issue that needs to be stopped before it causes more damage to our environment.
Acid rain is caused by carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide mixing with the water molecules in the atmosphere, which can form mild solutions similar to carbonic, sulfuric, and nitric acid [4]. Carbon dioxide is the highest cause of acid rain from natural causes due to it being environmentally present in higher concentrations than the others. Water will react with carbon dioxide in the air to form carbonic acid. The acid can then readily dissociate to give a positive hydrogen ion and a hydronium carbonate ion, therefore being able to lower the pH of rainwater, however not dangerously. When it comes to unnatural acidity in rain, nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide have a much stronger effect than carbon dioxide. Nitrogen oxide causes around one fourth of acid rain, while sulfuric acid causes most of the other seventy five percent. Nitrogen oxide, which is produced from car engines and power plants, will oxidize in air to form nitrogen dioxide, which then reacts with water to form nitric acid and nitrogen oxide. This acid can then yield hydrogen ions and nitrate ions, and can dangerously lower pH. The burning of fossils fuels combines sulfur with oxygen, creating sulfur dioxide and then sulfuric acid when wat...

... middle of paper ... fuels is useful in decreasing the emission of gases that form acid rain. Overall, it would be a big help for individuals to all take steps in slowing the acid rain problem. Any way to use less energy or reduce car emissions should be regularly practiced. All in all, everyone should know the dangers of acid rain and how they can help stop it.
Acid rain needs to be stopped before it can further detrimentally damage our environment. Steps must be taken by everyone to eliminate the acid rain problem. Once everyone understands the dangers of acid rain, it will be clear that it is a problem that needs to be fixed. Trees, lakes, rivers, aquatic animals, statues, buildings, and even people can be affected by acid rain in one way or another. It is time for us to stop letting acid rain affect us and our environment, and decide to end the acid rain problem once and for all.
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