Acid Rain

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Acid Rain If it was possible to peer into the future and see the environmental consequences of mankind’s actions, humans’ harmful contributions to the highly acidic rain levels would be apparent. Seeing the possibility of a tragic environment in the future would change the ways we treat our environment today and forever. The environment receives its main punishments from a variety of sources, ranging from car smog to industrial smog and waste. Acid rain, fog, sleet and snow all have severely harmful affects on our environment. In order to protect our environment, humans need to be conscious of the results of their actions and act responsibly to slow down, if not stop, the negative effects of acid rain on our plant, animal and human life. Acid rain is rain with a low PH level. A scale ranging from zero to fourteen defines the ph scale, with zero representing the most acidic, fourteen representing the most basic ph levels and seven representing neutral. Acid rain can formulate from sulfur and nitrogen, which is emmited by cars and coal fired generators. America and Europe are the leaders in the war against acid rain, and are fighting to protect our health and environment. One way these two regions are attempting to reduce acid rain is by encouraging the use of natural gases rather than coal in power plants. This is useful because natural gases contain less sulfur. Acid rain is detrimental to all living organisms and needs to be decreased. Acid rain affects the entire environment, especially plants and animals. One of the most harmful effects acid rain has on the ecosystem is its destruction of plant life. Acid rain containing highly acidic ph levels also greatly affects animal lives. After falling, acid rain flows directly from the plants, through the watershed and into a stream, river or lake, where it can dramatically affect aquatic life. During the flow of acid rain through soils and into the watershed system, aluminum is picked up and dispersed into the nearby streams, rivers and lakes. Aquatic life can live with a below normal acid level, but the additional aluminum deposited into the reservoir greatly affects the fish. All breathing organisms are also affected by the acid rain pollutants distributed into the air. The major source of these air pollutants is nitrogen oxide from vehicles and industrial sites where fossil fuels are burned.

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