Acid Rain

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Acid Rain

"I am for, the reduction of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide,

emissions, by 90% by the year 2010. We need to take drastic action

because the effects on us are all very serious. We must protect

ourselves and safeguard our future."

Acid rain is the term used to describe one of the worst effects of

nature. Acid rain is a mixture of sulphur dioxide, and nitrogen

oxides, which are gasses being emitted into our atmosphere. These

gases combine with water droplets in the atmosphere, to produce acid

rain. These toxic gasses enter the clouds, so rain is highly acidic.

As a result of acid rain, we suffer from terrible air pollution, so

the government should recognize, this problem, and do something about

it. Acid rain has a pH of about 2. This makes it very harmful, and


Acid rain is produced in countries with areas that are surrounded by

industrialised buildings, such as coal fire power stations, working

factories, which produce a lot of pollution, and which burn fossil

fuels, and places where a lot of cars go by. Acid rain comes from

mainly the U.K and U.S.A. Acid rain enters the clouds and is carried

to other countries by south - westerly prevailing winds; mainly in the

northern hemisphere. As you can see on the previous, page there is a

picture showing you how acid rain, travels, and affects areas.

Acid rain can be cause by many things. Mainly it is - industrial

emissions from factories and power plants that burn fuels such as

natural gas, coal or oil; emit smoke that gives off oxides, of sulphur

and nitrogen, which is one environmental cause. Another environmental

cause is vehicles (e.g. buses cars, l...

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...ountry, which is being affected, really wants to do something about

it, but the U.K does not feel the need to hurry. Maybe if it were the

other way around, then we would feel the same as other countries being

seriously affected by acid rain.

We have to put a stop to acid rain, as it is affecting everyone.

People need to take in to account, the impacts of acid rain; it has

become a serious international problem, and affects the world. People

should realise what's going on and we should let more and more people

know, and then when we all want the same thing, we can come together,

and make a difference.

I hope that by understanding, the things which I have explained, and

other peoples views, will help the government, follow my advice and

decisions in which we need to make, to move on, and help make a better

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