Achilles: An Inspiring Hero?

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Achilles: An Inspiring Hero?
Achilles, the Greek hero of the Trojan War, was an inspiration to many people both past and present. While he was a hero in terms of his strength in battle, he also proves that he is heroic when it comes to morals. Achilles’ accomplishments as commander and conqueror in the Trojan War alone are enough to prove his heroics (That’s Greece, N.D.). Being born a demigod, he exemplifies the power and leadership of the gods before him (The History Channel, 2014). Of course, he also shows leadership in his moral decisions during the war against the Trojans. This is shown by his sense of grief and mercy when he is faced with the Trojan king, Priam (Fiero, 84). Achilles is also very moral in the way that he strictly follows the rules of the gods. While his story occurred so many years ago, his legacy has come to influence many people in today’s age. His decisions as a leader and a fighter both show just how heroic he is.
The achievements of Achilles on the battlefield in the Trojan War are very memorable. Being a demigod, he possessed the amazing strength necessary to overcome many adversities. He was blessed by the many gifts his mother gave him, including the gift of “invulnerability” and equipment made by the god Hephaestus (The History Channel, 2014). His father was also a great warrior who couldn’t be beaten even when ambushed by many men (Osborn) All of these gifts made him formidable in battle, thus making his troops respect him as a warrior. His strength made it easier for him to become a hero; the people of Greece admired this aspect of him. Achilles was not afraid to battle since he believed that glory was righteous (That’s Greece, N.D.). His bravery made him seem even more heroic to his comrades. One ...

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...nt. Achilles’ story creates “emotional connections” to the present on the basis of what it means to be a human according to the historian, Hughes (Day, 2012). This statement shows just how Achilles is a hero to today’s society by creating a link to the past. Of course, the most memorable aspect about Achilles that people refer to today is his “Achilles Heel,” (Rebecca). Everyone uses this term to describe a weakness. Achilles was heroic enough in his time to have a phrase carried to the future about him. It is clear just how influential he has been, both past and present.
Overall, Achilles was heroic in many ways. He was a hero in combat, being considered “invulnerable.” He was a hero to the people by grieving for the fallen and showing mercy to the weak. Lastly, his legend lives on in the present, showing us that old Greece was not so different from our own time.
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