Achieving a Free America

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After the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., which was more than 40 years ago, America as a whole has changed racial segregation, and becoming a more integrated society. During the era when King was a preacher, it was not an easy time for any black American. Slavery was coming to an end, but segregation was still alienating all races except whites. Many townships in the south still had old ways of thinking like white men should be in power to keep the evil of Injustice alive. Thanks to the help of Martin Luther King’s views and “goals for blacks to have freedom all over this nation because the goal of America is freedom” (King 222). Our America has racially intergraded in transportation, schools, careers, communities, and the most political position of presidency. It is no longer just a white mans America, as it is now an all American’s United States of America.

King not only had a dream, he also thrived on a vision of an integrated America. The Letter from Birmingham by Martin Luther King Jr. is a great piece of history that showed what he hoped his vision would some day be. King’s efforts were to try and get the white men to see black men as their equals, as he explained to the whites that blacks are human and not outcasts. Points were made by King that blacks have families; a mother, a father, daughters, sons, just as the whites do except they were being treated unjustly. King believed in order to have a successful integrated society all children need to quit being poisoned with racism. In order to do

this they would need the erasure of racist jokes or attitudes and show them a world where it takes all kinds of Gods children to make the world peaceful. All people to loose the bitterness felt by be...

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...ough God’s eyes. Since Kings Death his vision for blacks to be integrated across America is still happening today due to his true belief that it starts with teaching America’s children that it is morally wrong to be prejudice. By continuous moral teaching, racial harmony may exist in our future and hopefully there will continue to prevent any segregation within politics, economically, or even sociologically. King’s idea to keep moving forward starting with our children was correct, as the right path to make his view of America and Freedom for All a reality. Once we have achieved a free America, we can then become a stronger United States of America.

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