Achieved Statuses In Socialization

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As human being we have multiple statuses that we are labeled with. Some of these statuses and roles we are born into, having it be a natural and quick transition. Other roles and statuses were gain later on through life activities of socialization. These roles and statuses are broken into two categories; ascribed and achieved. Ascribed statuses are roles we are born into, one that was prechosen for us before birth. Achieved statuses are statuses that you earn as you go through life and common socialization exercises. The ascribed and achieves statuses make up a persons being. I am made up of many ascribe statuses stemming from my culture, my religion and my whole life in general. First and foremost I am a daughter. I was born from my mother…show more content…
Most important of these statuses are friend, student and girlfriend. These are the most important achieved statuses because they show the impact we will make on our society as we age and mature. A friendship is based on common interest and values that each person finds important in his or her lifestyle. My friendships are based on honesty, loyalty and family values. This interprets my personality and how I deal with other people, which is important for a growing community and society. Becoming a university student is a achieved status because you earn the privilege to move forward toward your education and a career. An education and career are important experiences for every person in a growing society as they help contribute economically and materially. Lastly on my list is my achieve status as a girlfriend. As human beings it is in our nature to try to find someone to mate and partner with in life with the final goal of reproduction. I have achieved in beginning my dating and mating process, which in time may become a marriage and build a family unit for…show more content…
When looking at things from a functionalist point of view we see that these statuses come with rules and proper ways of behaving. This goes for ascribed ad achieved statuses. In the ascribed status category we learn that we develop health and proper habits of dealing with and living through what we were born into. For example, as a daughter you are to respect your parents and obied by their rules and regulations of their household. When thinking of achieved statuses in this category we begin to think of proper etiquette and behavior for the position we have earned. For example, proper etiquette for a university student would be coming to class on time. When looking at societal roles from a symbolic integrationist’s point of view we begin to see the meaning of our status and actions that brought us to the title of our status. Being a daughter from a symbolic interactionism perspective has great meaning and significance. This means we have a legacy and people who care about us, therefore we as people relate to it and find it important. Being a student from this point of view helps us see the importance of education and the happiness and security it will bring

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