Accounting and Management Information Systems

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Accounting and Management Information Systems

A business needs accounting and management information systems to help solve business problems that a business might encounter; and a business needs accounting and management information systems to help gather and organize information, so that the business can make good decisions in their decision-making process in order to help the business succeed. Also, without accounting and management information systems the businesses would be less organized because that is a major part of accounting and management information systems. It teaches the businesses on how to become more organized and how to organize the information so that anyone would understand the information. As essential aspects of the business world, accounting and management information systems offer many opportunities.

Management information systems is a career area which focuses on two related areas, and the two related areas are organization and technology. According to one expert, “The organization system is the system culminating in the administrative responsibilities of the chief administrative officer” (Allen 53). Organization is important to businesses because it provides business processes and uses people as decision-makers and problem-solvers. As John Tillquist states, “Technologies cluster around exchange relations, providing process support, coordination, and control mechanisms” (94). For example, computers are helpful to businesses because they provide a fast and easy way to get needed information for business decisions. Therefore, technology and organization are essential to management information systems.

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...g with the company and what they should do to fix it. Finally, accounting and management information systems provides a person with a lot of career opportunities.

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