Accounting Case Study: Pifco-Zen Chen Company

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Assessment-1875 Task 1 1.1.1: - Methods • Accounting records and prepares and maintains compliance with the standard used in the appropriate accounts. • Take control of all collected and given to see that all transactions by double-double-entry book. • Checks and balances in the control is sufficient to ensure that the data cross-referenced. • Every month we have to pay to have all fees and bank reconciliation. This will give you enough time to focus on the banking supervision • The development of an organizational culture of work and honesty in the workplace. Then, with a complete and meaningful audit services offered to support the independent auditors may be provincial • To get suitable results to raise a profitable and society at work…show more content…
assistant should remove the irregularities of business records. Should be used in addition to the CEO of the company. The upper, middle and lower management and all employees are many types of accounts should be examined together. There are legal ownership of all records and approve the updated cross-checked by an external auditor. He need to deal with all staff together for example, top, centre administration and lower to be included in numerous types of bookkeeping records. 1.2 Identifying irregularities and errors • No delivery commitment to the long haul of $ 9,000,000. • The $ 55 million is no contradiction there is a volatile place, $ 65million. • There are 10 boundless checks worth $ 3 million. • The reflected as $ 85 million rather than 75 million is bank overdraft paid by the organization • $ 7million has been accounted as "prepaid expenditure" in the present operating expend. • The last 3 years the bank reconciliation has not been done properly. • Misleading data given on the advancement of the organization. • In the previous five year there is a worth stock over $ 25 million. • Finance administrator additionally gives inaccurate data. Frequently say "good performance", "We are on the right

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