Accounting: A Career In An Accounting Career

After completing my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Economics, with concentration in Accounting from the Empire State College, I would like to begin my career in an accounting field and go for a CPA. I always have been very interested in Mathematics. Therefore, I have strong desire to pursue my career in this field. In the next five years, I hope to see myself as a successful accounting professional.
Most accounting jobs require Bachelor’s degree and I am few credits away from completing my degree. The most important skills required for an accountant position are analytical, communication, mathematical, and organizational skills. ( As stated on O*NET OnLine, accountants are also required to have an active listening, reading
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Also, these courses will guide me to prepare myself in the accounting career. I have taken accounting, finance, business, economics, statistics, and management courses. All the knowledge that I acquire from these courses will help me to understand the work environment of the accounting career. As stated on My Next Move site, accountant’s job is related to examine financial data and prepare financial reports to keep a record of assets, liabilities, profit and loss, tax liability, or other financial activities within an organization. They must require a knowledge of related computer programs and softwares. (My Next Move). I have five years’ work experience as a documentation specialist where I worked with computer and other office electronics. Therefore, I have a good command on working with Microsoft Office and other computer based programs. Also, I have performed several tasks on my previous job which enhanced my analyzing, organizing, and record keeping skills. I used to examine and prepare the packaging paper work. However, it was related to dietary supplements not financial, but most skills involved were related. I was excellent in keeping and organizing the record of all paperwork. The office work environment was fast paced, and I liked to work in a busy environment. Also, I liked taking new tasks and enjoyed working on a computer. I think this office work experience will help me to a quick start, learn, and perform job duties as an entry level
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