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An Accountant is someone who prepares and examine financial records. The duties of an Accountant is to ensure that financial records are accurate and that taxes are paid properly and on time . Above all, most employees require a candidate to have a bachelor's degree in Accounting or a related field . Certification within a specific field of Accounting improves job prospects . Many Accountants become Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s) . A bachelor's degree program usually takes up to four years . Following this universities that offer Accountant are as following: University Of Michigan, Stanford University, University Of Florida and etc . The median annual wage for Accountants is $68,150 in May 2016 . Employment of Accountants and Auditors is projected to grow 10% from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations . Growth of Accountants are expected to be closely tied to the health of the overall economy . As the economy grows, these workers will continue to be needed to prepare and examine financial records . In addition, as more companies go public, there will be greater need for public Accountants to handle legally required financial documentation . Technological change is expected to affect the role of Accountant over the next 10 years (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) . Accounting is central to the various types of decisions made by a wide range of people and groups in our society . However, the functions of accounting vary according to who is using it and for what purpose . Accountants also perform overviews of the financial operations of a building in order to help it run properly . “Behind every good business is a great Accountant” - Piyush Maru . A career in Accounting can be beneficial to society as well a... ... middle of paper ... ... From such a beginning, one can move literally into a job in industry or government, or start a public firm . Many ex-Public Accountants have moved into higher paying industrial jobs (Herbert Vessel) . Higher Position is beneficial because one will be able to travel if willing and one will be able upgrade to another level of Accounting (Herbert Vessel) . Leadership is beneficial because one will be able to show off how big of a leader they are and how they can help others will no problems whatsoever . Overall Accounting can be beneficial to society/community as well as one who pursues the career in many ways . We need Accounting because it's the only way a business would be able to grow and flourish . Accounting is the backbone of the financial world . If you choose to pursue an accounting degree, you'll have a pretty solid idea of where your career will take you .

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