Accidents Caused By Improper Lifting Actions

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Abstract In recent years, there have been many significant, detailed studies on accidents relating to the industrial workplace. The amount of accidents have decreased, and yet the fact remains that there is still much to study and be learned. The human component and factors relating to workplace accidents have become apparent, but lifting hazards and the associated causes of accidents could be focused on more. While most agree that lifting hazards are a problem and these factors deserve attention, but how to bring additional attention remains an industry problem. In this paper the author will use research and examples to show how workplaces and individuals are affected by accidents caused by improper lifting actions. Lift hazards in the workplace Manual lifting is the most common cause of occupational fatigue and low back pain. About three out of every four Americans who has a job requiring manual lifting, suffer pain due to back strain or injury. These back accidents account for about one third of all missed time from work and even more than one third of all compensation claims. More important than financial cost is the human element! Every year there are thousands of American workers who are permanently disabled by back injuries and a multitude of others who are unable to return to their jobs. These facts make prevention of back injuries a crucial and challenging problem for the industrial workplace and occupational health and safety officials. This paper focuses on revealing prevention tactics for back injuries caused by manual lifting in the industrial workplace ("MMH - Health Hazards: OSH Answers," 2013). Short Term Effects Short-term effects include accidental injuries and fatigue. Rough or sharp... ... middle of paper ... ...sembly-line Henderson, A. (2003, October 7). Back Safety & Lifting Techniques. Retrieved from Job Hazard Analysis, OSHA 371. (2002). Retrieved from Mike. (2013, September 6). The Hidden Cost of Work-Related Injuries. Retrieved from MMH - Health Hazards: OSH Answers. (2013, October 7). Retrieved from The Benefits Of Job Safety Analysis | JSABuilder News. (2014, January 4). Retrieved from Triano, DC, PhD, J. (2006, September 26). Ergonomics of the Office and Workplace: An Overview. Retrieved from http://www.spine-

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