Accident Accidents Case Study

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2.1 Introduction
Understanding how accidents occur is important to establish strategies to prevent their occurrence (Hinze, Devenport, & Giang, 2006). In an attempt to solve the factors of the occupational accident, many previous studies have tried to develop an accident causation models, which is important to work as a body of knowledge in the safety and health field which could predict and prevent the accidents. Among the famous accident causation model includes Domino theory, Management-based theories, Multiple causation model, Human error models and many others. From the accident causation models, the factors contributing to the occupational accident will be identified to form a theoretical background to this study and will be strengthened
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There are two types of Human error models, which are Behavior model and Human factor model. Some of the famous models such as Goals Freedom Alertness Theory by Kerr (1957) were categorised under the behaviour model while Ferrel theory under the Human factor model. According to the Goals Freedom Alertness Theory, the occurrence of accidents is due to low-quality activities, which are happening because of unpleasant psychological work environment (Hosseinian & Torghabeh, 2012). This theory claims that management could improve the work environment through managerial procedures, methods of involvement, and setting a clear goal for workers (Jha,…show more content…
The three factors are as follows (Jha, 2011); (1) Overload factor; this factor portrays the load and the capability of the human are incompatible which resulting to nervousness, stress, lethargy and feelings that can be exaggerated by physical environments such as dust, light, noise, fumes and many other physical stimulations in the work environment. (2) Incorrect response; which produce by a person caused by the incompatible situation where he/she is working in. (3) Improper activity; which occur either due to knowledge deficiency in the execution of the task, or deliberately take the
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