Accepted and Discarded Knowledge

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There have already been some facts or knowledge that people ones believed in, but suddenly someone has discovered a new fact that may contradict the previous fact everybody thought was right. In this essay I will consider some knowledge issues in two different areas of knowledge which I chose to do natural science and religion. The purpose of this essay is to distinguish between different accepted knowledge and try to investigate why some knowledge is discarded after finding something that contradicts the knowledge. This is my attempt to get closer to the answer. This essay may not be completely correct since the topic is big, but I will try to have my arguments for both parts.
Knowledge is defined as the state or fact of knowing through experience or study (The Free Dictionary). According to the natural science the word scientific knowledge is fact and phenomenon that is acquired through a scientific method. There are four factors that can classify if the information is a scientific knowledge: Independent and rigorous testing, peer review and publication, measurement of actual or potential rate of error, degree of acceptance within the scientific community. Religious people think that knowledge is considered to be one of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, knowing what is good or evil. The knowledge they get is obtained from religious books, such as the bible.
Natural science are constantly developing over time, the scientist makes new discoveries which leads to new information that may prove some theories to be wrong or change some of the current information that they already have obtained through the existing information. For examples in the past, people believed that the continents were immovable, but it was proved to be wron...

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...which will occur since people are made to exaggerate and have a bad recollection of what actually happened. Therefore I believe that the new knowledge that comes from people’s beliefs could be exaggerated and the knowledge would drift further away from the truth.
In conclusion so are people considered to be different from each other, they may have the same beliefs and some similarities. The way that some knowledge is accepted today but discarded tomorrow could be true in some cases, but the way I see it is that this is a part of how people starts developing this whole world. When they have theories they base it on some background information, but what if we did not have any other information? Then there would not have been any research of the consisting theories. The knowledge we discover or discard is actually what has made us humans develop into what we are today.

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