Academic Plagiarism And Academic Dishonesty

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Academic dishonesty is more prevalent in education in the United States today than ever before and has negative effects on academic institutions. Access to the Internet and advancements in technology has made academic dishonesty easier for students to commit. Students use these resources to perform plagiarism in academic papers and cheat on exams and online assignments. The number of students who engaged in acts of academic dishonesty has increased exponentially (Aaron and Roche 161). Colleges,such as Harvard and Yale, have noticed a rise in cases of academic dishonesty on their campuses. Acts of academic dishonesty can also ruin the reputations of schools. Incidents involving academic dishonesty have featured frequently in the media and can affect the credibility and academic integrity of colleges. Academic dishonesty is easier to commit today due to the increased access to the Internet and advancements in technology. Technology is involved in every aspect of modern American culture and society. The Internet and electronic devices, such as computers tablets, and smartphones, are present in America 's education system. Schools, from elementary to college, are becoming dependent on technology for academic work, assignments, grading, and other educational matters (Roche and Aaron 170). In addition, teachers and instructors use these new forms of technology as educational tools. The Internet is a large and important resource that contains vast amounts of information, programs, videos, and different forms of media that assist students and make learning more efficient. More colleges now require students to go to websites, such as Blackboard, to submit assignments. Although technology and the Internet provide benefits to the American... ... middle of paper ... ...students were forced to withdraw from Harvard” (Aaron and Roche 165). Members of the college also plan to enact a set of guidelines or “an honor code” to prevent any confusion relating to academic integrity at Harvard and the punishments for any violations (Aaron and Roche 165). Academic dishonesty has a strong presence in American education today that impacts academic institutions and the entire education system. Technology has made acts of academic dishonesty, such as plagiarism and cheating, easier for students to commit. Cases of academic dishonesty have also increased throughout the United States. Colleges have seen a rise in the amount of cases of academic dishonesty. Finally, with the rise in academic dishonesty, the reputations of academic institutions are threatened. Incidents of academic dishonesty can impact the credibility and integrity of schools.
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