Academic Institution undergoing Audit to Improve Data Management

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Case Study Academic Institution undergoing BPR to improve Data Management ABC university is a leading private university in Delhi-NCR region offering graduate and postgraduate degree in forty six discipline. ABC university is having five university campus , thirteen management program campus (ABC Global Business School(AGBS) Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad ) across country and six international campuses (London, Singapore, Dubai, New Jersey, Mauritius and China (Figure 1). Figure 1-ABC University Campuses Total number of programmes offered is over 240 in forty six discipline. Since this university is having many programmes and many campuses, therefore to monitor its work, University is using an Intranet portal ‘’. In addition to this university undergoes various audits in a financial year to ensure that all its campuses, processes are working as per academics set standards. Problem ABC University is having fifty seven institutions, each managed as independent unit and works in isolation of other department except exchange of some faculties. Each department is having a huge amount of data which increases exponentially. Now problem which various institution of this university facing is related to availability of data and reports as and when required especially during audit time. This university undergoes following audits in a year: 1. One internal audit in a year conducted by University QAE team in the month of January to March. 2. Two internal audit conducted by IQAC team, one in the month of May and one in the month of December every year. 3. BSI Audit every year. 4. UGC Audit. 5. Accreditation visits like NAAC, ACBSP, WSIC etc. Data and reports required in above m... ... middle of paper ... ...ttendance and faculty who is doing so. • Identifying chunk of students getting debarred repeatedly. • Identifying students who are doing will in internal evaluation components but not able to secure well in end exam or vice versa. • Identifying trends in faculty activities like recruitment or attrition or research behavior or time punch in /punch outs • Identifying trends in student activities like attendance, marks. BI is not limited to above mentioned application; it can generate various kinds of trend reports and hidden pattern , relationships in database depending on organization requirement. Benefits of Doc Application Software • Transparency will be maintained. • Better control of system. • Reduction in time for getting reports. • Reduction in wastage of resources like human labor, money. • Ubiquitous system • Standardize work. • Timely availability of data.

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