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The Academic Honor Code Each and every child goes to school; they grow up and continue on to high school. After high school, many paths open for students, such as college, or going straight into the work force. Their values and choices in school will impact where they decide to continue their lives. There are students who only want to graduate, while others value their education and wish to continue learning and growing. One major difference between these two groups is their point on the academic honor code. The academic honor code is based on the student’s value and optimism not to cheat in school or use other students work as their own. The honor code is not very important for students to value themselves and their abilities because other…show more content…
Another reason people oppose is that there are people who want to abuse the honor code. In fact, they don’t understand the full consequences of cheating. In high school, the worst that usually happens is a zero for the grade, and some students think that it doesn’t impact them, but the situation is completely different in college. In college, it depends on the severity of cheating. Inadvertently cheating in some colleges might result in a failing grade, but deliberately cheating would result in failing the class (Thompson). Many people can just blow it off, but they would have to take the class again, and spend more money, in order to graduate. In severe cases, people are kicked out if they get caught plagiarizing someone’s work. Being kicked out of college can make some people realize the mistake they and learn just how serious the consequences were, but they also don’t realize the cost of their choice. All of the classes in college would have just been as waste and can never be recovered or forgiven. The student will receive a mark on his or her transcript, and that will be viewed by job employers later in their life (Thompson). As Thomas Paine said, “Character is much easier kept than recovered.” Students can also follow by example. They can learn that adults even plagiarize someone’s work. Those students can believe they have to…show more content…
They can simply say that they had a bad day. Those students would use that excuse every time they got caught cheating. A quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln said, “I never had a policy; I have just tried to do my very best each and every day.” There should be no excuse for students to not try their hardest, even if they hit a rough spot. No matter the situation, students should try their best, and cheating is not the easy way out of the

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