Academic Essay: My Academic Plan For Nursing

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My academic plan For my academic plan, I met with my advisor, Jeannie Cornelius. When I came into my meeting, I had my academic plan all laid out and written for her, because I already knew what I wanted my major to be. During the meeting we had discussed mostly about what classes I have already taken, what classes I will be taking, how many credit hours would be best for me to take each semester, what kinds of classes fits best with each other in one semester, and how many classes I would need to fit into my summer schedules. My major is Nursing. When I went to my advisor, my first question was do I need to take more than 12 hours each semester? Her response was yes. We discussed the credit hours with nursing and how nursing is difficult…show more content…
I had an anatomy class my sophomore year of high school, and I was always intrigued with how our body works and learning the different names of the different structures. Many things that will challenge me the most with this field is taking over 12 hours for most of the semesters, studying more than I am used too, clearing my schedule for school more than I ever have, and not procrastinate. Right now, I have exactly 12 credit hours, and it 's not too bad, but later on in the future, I know it will definitely be a struggle as the classes continue to get harder. The way I plan to overcome this challenge is to start studying more than I usually do right now, so when it does become time to take more hours, I won 't be so stressed. I will also always have to be prepared to study a head of time. During high school, I had always winged my test, or study only a little bit for them, but as this semester continues on, I am realizing that studying is the most important part in college. Clearing my schedule for school has always been a bad habit of mine. I plan to overcome this challenge, by turning off my phone when I am studying so I don 't get distracted and get tempted to hanging out with them. Hanging out with my friends is also a huge part with my procrastinating as well. So to overcome that, I will get my work done before I make any…show more content…
I plan to achieve this by taking more than 12 credit hour classes, and passing them all with B 's or better. In order to pass them, I 've got to study a lot harder, and do every single homework assignment given to me. During my meeting with my advisor, she was explaining to me how the classes I had together weren 't probably the best to take together and that I should see about swtiching them around. That helped me a lot because the less stress I have on my part, the easier it will be for me to get good grades. Another smart goal I have is to achieve at least a 3.5 G.P.A all four years. The way I can achieve this is to stop procrastinating for one, and to devote at least an hour and a half of study time over the course of a few days to better improve my grades. Many people in my family throughout my years in school have constantly told me that if I just studied for one hour everyday, I would easily get good grades, and of course I didn 't listen until the end of my high school years, and when I did it helped a lot. Lastly, a goal outside of the classroom I have during college, is to find a good CNA job for me. Last year I took a certified nursing class at Washburn Tech, and I loved it. During clinicals I automatically fell in love with the residents. After I had graduated with my certificate, I was too worried about school starting, that I never had time to look for a nursing job,
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