Academic Dishonesty Essay

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Academic Dishonesty Ijeoma Ohamuo National American University Academic Dishonesty Educational institutions are known to be places where people can go and grow academically, but some institutions have rules in place to encourage ethical and behavioral growth as well. The section of a school’s policy about academic integrity is implemented with the intention of encouraging honesty and responsibility on the part of students. It discourages cheating, plagiarism, fabrication, falsification and multiple submissions of work helping students grow from making morally upstanding decisions. Though the educational journey can become challenging, embracing the growth that comes with always choosing honesty in academics reaps more benefits from the educational experience than those of dishonest decisions. The most common of academically dishonest decisions students of all grade levels make is cheating. Copying another student’s assignment or exam, making unauthorized changes to the answers on an exam followed by resubmission or collaborating on an assignment without consent are all considered forms of cheating. Though it may seem easier to just mimic the work of another student, the lack of information gained by the cheating student becomes evident in later endeavors. Cheating your way through an assignment may help move a student along temporarily, but in a building curriculum, a poor foundation of knowledge will cause a student to eventually test and perform poorly. Unfortunately, copying is not limited only to the work and exams of another student. Using the ideas and language of another person’s work, whether online or in print, without citation or reference and the use of quotation marks, is another common ethical crime amongst academi... ... middle of paper ... ... produce coursework that is not my own. When transitioning into the career field, my skill set and knowledge will only be enough to carry me through if I invest the time and learn the material. By shifting my intentions from just trying to earn a passing grade to comprehending and learning current ideas and information, academic dishonesty is viewed as a hindrance to the career woman I’m educating myself to be. Cheating on assignments, plagiarizing and fabricating assignments to be submitted multiple times may produce a passing grade, but in the field, it will only produce an inferior performance as grades don’t hold as much weight as retained and understood knowledge does. References National American University. (2015). National American University Student Handbook. Retrieved from
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