Academic Achievement Gap Between American Students And Students

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Public education is failing. The public education system in the United States provides education to all students despite their race, income, religion, and gender. However, there is significant academic achievement gap between American students and students belonging to other foreign countries. In the article “Teacher Incentives and Students Achievements” by Fryer, R.G he states: “The progress of American students is low as compared to students from most developed countries due to flaws in the public education system” (p.303). The low academic achievements of students result from several issues and problems. One of the main issues is the mismanagement of funds and resources in public schools which has resulted in the failure of the public education system. The public school students in the United States lack essential knowledge in several subjects. The national assessments show that most public school students face difficulties in Mathematics, Reading, Science, and History. A large number of these students belonging to low-income families are unable to show basic knowledge in History, Reading, as well as Science. Fryer states that, “The secondary level American students display considerably lower attainment as compared to their international counterparts in Mathematics, General knowledge, and Science” (372). This is a clear indication that there is failure in the public education system. Furthermore, it is to be noted that students in public education system do not possess effective communication and comprehension skills to perform in high-class colleges across the world. This is something that denies them the opportunity to compete with other international students. ... ... middle of paper ... that you only hear of the bad teachers when the public education system has so many excellent teachers. In conclusion, to fix the problems facing the education system, the entire public education system needs a 360-degree change to avoid the failure that the system is facing. The government should learn how to take a less aggressive stance. It is important that the local school boards as well as the parents and the teachers are allowed the chance to run the schools to meet the needs of the students. Furthermore, the teachers also need to be paid well and their welfare looked in to so that they can be motivated to work with the students for better performance. In addition, apart from providing excellent facilities and opportunities, it is important for parents to play their role by supporting their children, motivating and encouraging them to progress in school.
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