Academic Accomplishment: My Interest In Psychology

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My interest in psychology began when I took an Introduction to Psychology course during my freshmen year of college. The course introduced me to many concepts, such as human development, psychological disorders, and human behavior. I quickly discovered that understanding these psychological concepts would not only help me pursue a career in psychology, but also a career in many other fields. Through my experiences as an undergraduate psychology student I have gained an important understanding of research and how to use research to help other people.
Academic Accomplishments Throughout my undergraduate study of psychology, I selected challenging classes that were research oriented, in order to develop the skills needed for future careers in
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I was in charge of explaining informed consent and analyzing data. My research experience taught me about the importance of both the mundane and exciting aspects of research, and how both are necessary in developing an effective experiment. I also leaned the importance of working in a team, and that the research is not meant for the fame or recognition of the researchers, rather it is meant to help people. Another professor recently asked me to assist him in a research project, thus furthering my research…show more content…
As a hospital administrator I would work more “behind the scenes” in the hospital and would help patients by overseeing all of the medical staff and by ensuring that they are giving the best medical care possible. My advanced education in psychology would give me an unusual advantage over many administrators, who know very little about the actual care of patients in a hospital, because they are usually trained in business. As a clinical psychologist I would be working directly with the patients. Clinical psychologists offer “micro care” because they help individual patients, while hospital administrators offer “macro care” because they care for the entire hospital. Both hospital administration and clinical psychology would fulfill my original goal of helping people overcome psychological disorders thereby improving physiological conditions. It would all depend on the type of approach necessary to help the

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